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We all know that the fashion industry can often times be this place of whimsical agelessness; a proverbial Never Never Land where the models get younger and younger every season. Even in today’s world of Kendall Jenners, Cara Delevignes and Gigi Hadids however, the industry is starting to take notice of the strong women they’re trying to represent and brand towards and we honestly couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s about time the fashion community started appreciating the women that have been inspiring us for decades.

Here are 8 ways fashion is finally embracing ageless beauty

1. Joni Mitchell for St. Laurent Paris

Source: http://a5.files.fashionista.com/

Source: http://a5.files.fashionista.com/

The folk super star loaned her effortless sense of cool to the Paris fashion house’s latest campaign in a series of black and white photos showcasing Slimane’s most recent collection at age 71, and she’s honestly never looked better.


2. Lanvin’s Multigenerational Runway


Lanvin’s 125th Anniversary this year was marked by the addition of a few not-so-new faces on the runway including 90s super babe Amber Valetta and original Lanvin muse Violetta Sanchez, who opened the 2015 Spring/Summer show. Other models included Kirsten Owen (43), Esther de Jong (40), Malgosia Bela (37), Anne-Catherine Lacroix (36), and Audrey Marnay (33).


3. Kate Moss for Vogue Italia

Source: vogue.it

Source: vogue.it

Moss has been and will forever be a fashion staple, but in this series for Vogue Italia, she opted to peel back a few layers and go photoshop free. In a world of airbrushed 20 somethings its refreshing to see the OG supermodels still got it sans photo enhancements. Moss celebrated her 41st birthday last month.


4. Dolce and Gabbana 2015 Campaign

Source: velvetstyle.it

Source: velvetstyle.it

Paying homage to the old country, Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana manage to capture a sense of regalness and nostalgia with it’s octogenarian 2015 campaign models.


5. Julia Roberts for Givenchy

Source: dazeddigital.com

Source: dazeddigital.com

Designer Ricardo Tisci was very strategic when he set out to feature America’s sweetheart in a high fashion ad campaign. ‘No hair, no makeup, no smile’ was the idea for the shoot, and it seemed to have worked brilliantly. The actress has never looked stronger or more amazing and when asked how she felt about the images she commented saying ‘I can see myself, my real self.’ And while the signature toothy grin is missing, we still love this image.


6. Stevie Nicks for Rolling Stone


Everyone knows Rolling Stone is always at the forefront of what artists are trending, and it seems, even after 34 years, Stevie Nicks has still got it. With her signature style and after being featured on American Horror Story’s Coven, Nicks’ spot in the Fashion Icon’s Hall of Fame has been firmly ensconced.


7. Madonna for Versace


Source: stlye.com


After last year’s campaign featured a very photoshopped Lady Gaga, Donatella Versace went in a different direction for this year’s campaign, using the original material girl, stripped down in black and white. Versace said she wanted to see Madge not only as “sexy” but as “a vulnerable person who is afraid, who suffers from loneliness and yet is strong, determined, and fearless.” Mission accomplished.


8. Joan Didion for line

Source: highsnobiety.com

Source: highsnobiety.com

And finally, the ultimate cool girl in this year’s ad campaigns was none other than legendary acclaimed American author Joan Didion shot by Jeurgen Teller for Céline and looking chic as f*** at the ripe old age of 80. This image needs no other explanation. We all want to look like this some day, be honest.

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