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6 BIWOC Comics Writers You Should Know

In honor of Women’s History Month, check out the work of these BIWOC comics writers.

As a medium and an industry, comics aren’t always kind to women, especially women of color. Mainstream comic book companies seem to hire them once in a blue moon and yet they are still out there producing their own work as writers, artists, editors, and more. In honor of Women’s History Month, check out the work of these BIWOC comics writers.

1. Elizabeth LaPensée

Anishinaabe, Métis, and Irish writer Elizabeth LaPensée has not only written comics for anthologies such as Moonshot: An Indigenous Comics collection and Sovereign Traces: Not (Just) An (Other), but has also edited the anthology Deer Woman. 

2. Arigon Starr

Creator and writer for the superhero comic Super Indian, Arigon Starr is a member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma. In addition to her work on Super Indian, she has also edited the graphic novel Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers.

3. Kristen Van Dam

Kristen Van Dam is a Puerto Rican, Native American, and Indigenous comics creator. She is the writer and creator of the webcomic Minor Acts of Heroism, which chronicles the adventures of superhero sidekicks.

4. Mildred Louis

Mildred Louis is a Black queer woman who is best known as the creator of the magical girl webcomic Agents of the Realm. As the writer and artist for the comic, she has crafted a fun and mature action-adventure series that’s perfect for fans of Sailor Moon.

5. Tee Franklin

Tee Franklin is a rising Black, queer, and disabled comic book writer who is currently making waves with her Black queer romance graphic novel Bingo Love. She has also written comics for the Love is Love anthology, the Elements anthology, and the Femme Manifique anthology.

6. Olivia Stephens

Olivia Stephens is a Black woman writer and artist who has created the incredibly gorgeous romance webcomic Alone. Combining striking use of colors with a tender story of grief, loneliness, and new love, Alone is a must-read.







Latonya Pennington is a Black queer pop culture freelance writer and creative. They have written articles for PRIDE, Black Girl Dangerous, and more. Catch them on Twitter as @TonyaWithAPen and at their website Tonya's Words.

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