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Janna Jihad, 10-year-old Palestinian journalist.

Daily Share: 10-Year-Old Journalist Janna Jihad Reports Live From Palestine

Janna Jihad, 10-year-old Palestinian journalist.

Janna Jihad, 10-year-old Palestinian journalist.

To say that relationship between Palestine and Israel is tense and complicated is a grave understatement.

Enter Janna Jihad, the nom de plume of Jana Tamimi, a 10-year-old journalist from Palestine.  Yes, she is ten years old.  Yes, she is a journalist, too.  This adolescent news dynamo has been fighting anti-Muslim sentiment for several years now and hopes to change the way CNN and Fox News report about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Janna vs Solidier.

Janna Jihad.

Janna began her career as a journalist when she realized that there was no one photographing events in Palestine, no one covering anything. She films and reports about protests, attacks, and everyday happenings in Palestine and then posts the videos on her Facebook page.

“I consider myself a journalist covering the Third Intifada because I am living the Third Intifada,” she says. “I am living and growing in these circumstances, so I must film and report the events like any other news reporter and spread it to the world.”




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