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Below are some medicines that are effective in healing the heart, from a physical, mental and emotional perspective.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We offer gratitude for their patience with us, especially as we learn to love ourselves the way they so eagerly give us their love & acceptance. We choose to heal our hearts, the way we see fit. We choose to support each other in our efforts around defining and engaging in our individual understandings of self-care. Give thanks for the reclaiming of our hearts. Ase.

This has been a hard time for our hearts. We have been shedding and letting go of some stuff we thought would be with us forever. Especially the people we thought would be with us forever. But that shedding has been necessary. Through these transitions, we realize that our hearts have held our pain and our fear for so very long, and we’ve relied upon them to carry more constriction than they were ever meant to; we cannot survive wholesomely on fear.

Our spirits and our hearts crave the joy we are so often not allowed to claim in the current state of the world. We deserve to feel the immense amount of love that is vibrating around us; from family, friends, our spirit team, our lover(s), ourselves. Know that in the deepest depths of our self-loathing, there is still love there — often hard to syphon out, it lies in wait for you to catch it and elevate it. Your guides are sitting in wait for you too — trying to help your heart communicate with you and let you know what it needs and when.

Below are some medicines that are effective in healing the heart, from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. These are medicines that will not interfere with any pharmaceutical methods of self-care that folks are engaging in. These methods can be integrated into any heart-healing ritual or be used as a jumping off point for one in-design:


Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood has been long used in black folk magick for love drawing medicine and in Indigenous South-American medicine as a physical and emotional pain relieving sap. On Turtle Island, it is often found in a resin, derived from the sap of the dragon palm, and is deep red in it’s color. It’s color and scent act as a stimulant, eliciting passion and courage from it’s user.

I will often use the medicine with my clients when building healing ritual around physical and sexual trauma, stimulating the heart and sacral chakras to prepare for clearing and activating. Burn the resin on charcoal and smoke the room or the body, to help the heart access the vibrations of love radiating inside and around it. Let the resin melt in oil and use it as an ink to write yourself love notes or reminders of the courage you are demonstrating in your efforts to take care of your heart. You can use it with mullein for baths that conjure your courage, or with lavender, rose & cinnamon for, what I call a ‘feelin’ myself’ bath.

Rose & Lavender

Rose and lavender have long been used as heart remedies. Originally used in combination by midwives to benefit the emotional state of new parents, lavender acts as a suppressant and rose as a stimulant, bringing the mood to a state of equilibrium.

Lavender aids in allowing the heart to release and remedy trauma, while rose protects the heart’s electromagnetic field, helping empathic people prevent energetic drain and protect themselves from the constrictive energy of others.

Often used in love work, rose petals make a beautiful addition to the altar when petitioning Oshun or other Gods of love to carry the heart forward and through. Carry rose, lavender, damiana and catnip in a pink or red sachet to make a love mojo for heightening awareness of, and drawing into you, loving vibrations, found internally and externally. Placing lavender & dragon’s blood in sachets and placing them at the four corners of the bed before sheeting can quell bad dreams and make the bedroom a place of safe emotional respite, release & pleasure.


Chamomile also helps protect the heart’s electromagnetic field, in addition to helping the heart release trauma. It is a suppressant that can calm the mind, aiding meditation and quiet time to allow one to filter and reframe their thoughts and self-talk. Mixed with benzoin resin, it is an excellent incense and bath mixture for creating contentedness and calm when it all becomes too much. Chamomile, along with motherwort, vervain and kava kava, can calm the nervous system and combat the physical effects of anxiety, stress and depression, along with the heartache of loss and letting go.


The sweetest of medicines, honey is antiseptic and effective in healing wounds on the body and of the heart. Petition Oshun with an offering of honey and add a little into body scrubs and your tea to keep Oshun’s blessings close. Honey anointed on the lips and body can catalyze euphoric and passionate emotion. Speak the love you seek it to conjure from within into your honey before use. In black folk magick, sweetening pots or honey pots are an effective method of drawing love to someone, whether it be called out internally or externally (though syrups, flowing more viscously, increase the speed of that draw).


Motherwort is an overall heart tonic and support. It brings the spirit back to the body so that the heart can be given room to expand in it. It is an ideal aid in healing the heartache of loss and facing the fears held in the heart. Used to regulate heart beats and palpitations, it brings soothing calm to the nervous system and joy to the heart. I enjoy it brewed as a tea for drinking or infused into a tincture for concentrated use.


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Cassandra is a conjure womyn & creator. She is an ancestor- and community-taught life-student of afro-diasporic herb medicine and magick. As a past front-line grassroots activist, Cassandra's work remains dedicated to the healing of two-spirit, trans and queer BIPOC. Her writing has been published in From the Root Zine, Illustrated Impact, Briarpatch Magazine and The Peak's 'Medicine Issue', to name a few. She recently founded Crystal Root & Conjure, a curios company & apothecary that is rooted in the cultural and spiritual practice of afro-diasporic folk magic and medicine, otherwise known as 'root work' or 'doctoring the root.' She uses nature based alchemy and ritual to blend fresh and dried herbs, roots and minerals into mixtures for protection, healing and self care. She is currently an apotheker at The Witches Brew in Toronto, is working on a queer POC children's book, and pursuing her dream of becoming a birth worker & healer in afrodiasporic tradition, inclusive of the trans & queer BIPOC community.

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