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Recently, I’ve realized that not only has my Instagram feed been filled with Body Positive visual delights in the form of womyn’s personal photographs from their self and body-love journeys, but also of absolutely delightful Body Positive illustrations and art work. Much of this inspirational artwork is flying around popular Instagram movements such as @effyourbeautystandards and @pizzasisters4lyfe, which is in and of itself an honor. The fact that so many fat-bodied revolutionaries exist, and put their truth out into the world, is extremely uplifting and inspiring. So, the fact that this grouping of radicals share their Feminist, size acceptance in the form of artwork, helps to continue to support the visual link between Fat and joyful, unapologetic, authentic, whole-bodied self-love! The best part about this modern technology web of a world that we live in is that you don’t have to take my word for it – you can check out some of my favorites below!

1. @taraobrienillustration

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.41.55 PM

I first came across Tara O’Brien Illustrations (Instagram @taraobrienillustration) when I featured the talented artist in our #FatshionFebruary article due to her stellar style! It was clear to see that this womyn’s Body Positive creativity encompasses all aspects of life, and finding this artwork felt like finding myself. I believe Tara’s ability to make light and humorous what society tells us to feel ashamed of, is an artwork in and of itself (which is why I appreciated this chub rub reality so much)!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.37.28 PM

This image inspired me to want to have my very own Body Positive slumber party – complete with Harry Potter marathon and gluten-free pizza included of course! If you love Tara’s work as much as I do, then purchase some pieces here!


2. @joannathangiah

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.58.23 PM

A friend introduced me to Joanna’s work a few months ago (Instagram @joannathangiah, Twitter @joannathangiah), and ever since then, my daily dose of feminist activism has gotten that much more juicy. Most colorful creations feature a fat babe serving up a serious helping of truth – a powerful and winning combination that myself and other real-talkers can’t get enough of.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.50.00 PM

Seriously, Joanna and her bevy of curvy creations know what’s up! This pink-haired, crop-top wearing cutie could be one of the faces of my #FuckFatPhobia Campaign, which proclaims the problem lies with society’s Fat Phobic norms – not with our beautiful bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.48.35 PM

Newsflash to anyone who doesn’t bleed once a month: womyn don’t need to menstruate to be emotional, compassionate, highly intuitive beings; we get to be that way daily and are blessed with the ability to carry humyn life in our very wombs – without which your very existence would not be possible. Period. Blood isn’t gross, your ignorance is! If you love this work as much as I do, support an amazing artist and purchase work here!

 3. @pete_teddyburger

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.52.45 PM

If you’re looking for another Body Positive visual goldmine to add to your daily list then give the @pete_teddyburger Instagram account a whirl (12,000 other people already have)! The inspiration is infinite and hails from such an uplifting source who often share powerful words accompanying illustrations shared (whether they be by himself or others): “Let there never be a point in your life where anyone’s absurd or close-minded opinions take control of how you think or feel about yourself. What you do with your body is no ones business but yours! If it makes you look fabulous then you should wear it. If it tastes good & satisfies your craving, why not eat it? If it makes you feel beautiful then I say do it because we are ALL soo beautiful in our own amazing ways. You make your own decisions because you are your own being & that’s ok! There’s absolutely no reason in feeling any guilt for the things that make you feel happy about being who you are. Self acceptance at ANY size is not a disgrace nor a burden but an amazing accomplishment for anyone who chooses to be themselves, so stand up for yourself. Be bold, be original & choose to be yourself! Your bodies. Your rules.” WYV says AMEN TO THAT!

4. @thetinyhobo

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 3.17.08 PM

While I have certainly seen @thetinyhobo ‘s creative masterpieces floating around social media for a couple of years, I was only just finally reintroduced to this Feminist funk and pure truth on both my Instagram, as well as through The Tiny Hobo Etsy site (which you should click now to purchase)! Also notably the creator of the adorable @chubbycartwheels PR motif (*I was just informed by the artist that I was incorrect about this accreditation, although she did just collaborate with Chubby Cartwheels for a recent contest, plus I love their clothes so I’m keeping the link for your clicking pleasure). I can now officially say that I want every single one of these pins and many of the other pieces of art I found, plus I am seriously toying with the idea of a how fabulous this artist could make a #FuckFatPhobia pin look!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 3.17.49 PM

5. @bodyposipanda

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.52.42 PM

These two visual gems are done by the illustrious @bodyposipanda, who has become like a compassionate curator of their own art-filled Instagram page, a few fun and colorful pieces of which are their own. This warrior (especially championing radical work around Eating Disorder healing) certainly is an infinite Body Positive resource whose account I am so glad to have discovered awhile back. Since then, myself, along with the other 8,354 followers (already up from 7,732 when I first researched a couple days ago) have been tuning in daily to see and be seen. Reminding us all that the power of pure resonance should never be underestimated!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.55.52 PM



*The cover illustration for this article was done of me by the talented artist David Moreno, whose artwork I came across on his Instagram account: @darkskythe35 – in support of my #FuckFatPhobia campaign! WYV so appreciates your contribution and encourage readers to go check out David’s work, more of which will be featured in a future follow-up article including even more Body Positive artists!*



 *If you know of other Body Positive artists’ work to follow on any social media outlet, please suggest those in the comments section for future articles!*

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Being raised in New England, the west coast has always felt like a breath of progressive, laid-back, open-minded, fashion-forward air to my free-spirited soul, which is what drew me to California. Escaping the more cookie-cutter traditional white picket fence life, has led me on an adventurous journey toward self-love and acceptance, and ultimately body positivity! I am in Oakland, because I moved to the Bay Area for graduate school to become a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist, and after exploring different city options, I discovered that the eclectic, unique, and honest vibe of Oakland resonated with my funky spirit and style! My role in WYV as Senior Columnist is producing weekly articles on Body Positive Fashion, Fat Acceptance, and many of my other passions such as social justice, childcare, and chronic illness advocacy. Of course I'm constantly being inspired by my very diverse (fashionably and otherwise) Oakland peers, local business owners, and fat/body positive activists! Come follow my photographic adventures on my instagram: @somewhere_under_the_rainbow

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