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Can you go 100 days without looking at your own reflection? This is the question at hand for this self-love project created by Lightwork Holistic Care founder Mona Mayhue, which is urging humyns to stop conforming to societal conceptions of beauty, and to start living authentically. One way that Mona believes we can achieve this is to toss the mirrors in our lives for  100 days starting August 1st in the hopes we put an end to judging our reflections countless times throughout the day.

On a Facebook page created for this project, Mona poses the following poignant questions to potential participants:

“Can you live without a mirror for 100 days? How many times a day do you look in the mirror? Or catch a glance of yourself as you walk by a storefront window? – How much time do you spend analyzing your face? Picking it apart, comparing and judging? What would happen if you just stopped? How would you change? How would you thrive?” She continues: “Judgement is exhausting and I am ready to let that go. Aren’t you? It’s time to release that body image gunk and embrace our unique exquisiteness. It is imperative that we clear thoughts of shame, judgment, and self-degradation that accompany low self-esteem and body image if we are to prosper as empowered individuals. Our wish is that we may all rise to accept our truest Self without judgement that makes us human and real. We aim to improve our sense of personal power, self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence. We aim to remove destructive tendencies, to draw out negative emotions such as guilt and reverse destructive emotional programming. Let’s heal this for ourselves, for our children, for our ancestors, and for the collective.”

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Mission Statement

At this point, I’m certain you’ve nodded your heads in agreement at least one time resonantly, but may still be wondering how this wonderful sounding project will actually come alive. Mona further outlines and explains her vision as follows:

This project is about actively working to improve our body image and connection. Throughout the 100 days I will be guiding you with simple assignments, and sharing tips on how to use various healing modalities that will aid you in the process.


  • Decreasing reflections: Cover mirrors in your home, put away pocket mirrors, no using mirror camera on cell phones, no selfies, no videos (unless for work/school), avoiding reflections in widows, avoiding mirrors in public places.
  • Write in down: Try to keep a daily journal, making notes about the experience and how you are feeling about your body image as the project progresses. What is changing?
  • Stop the judgment: Please do not chastise yourself for catching an accidental glance, it’s going to happen and this project is not about guilt or competition. Reflections are everywhere- especially in public places, simply acknowledge that you are looking at yourself and ask “why am I doing this?”
  • Ask for help: Let your friends and family know that you are participating in this project, ask them for support and to help you along the way.
  • Health concerns: This project is about dramatically reducing the amount of time we look at ourselves, and decreasing self-judgement. If an urgent situation arises where you may need a mirror for health reasons please to not hesitate to use one!


  • Participants in this project will receive a 10% discount on reiki therapy sessions through entire term of the project. Reiki sessions are available in Oakland, CA through Lightwork Holistic Care – PRESS HERE NOW to check it out!
  • Mona has created an entire healing program to accompany this project! During this project she will be sharing information from various modalities to help you heal body image, self-acceptance, self-esteem, and to dissolve ingrained behavior patterns that are no longer useful.
  • Modalities include: Meditations & Chakra Clearing, Flower Essences, Healing Crystals & Stones, Essential Oils, and Herbal Medicine. Check out more of Mona’s work HERE.

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Who Can Participate and Why?

“Maybe someone who would participate in this is interested in reducing vanity; someone who feels anxious about not wearing makeup or shaving, or feel as though they need to look a certain way when they leave the house. Maybe they love their reflection but only when it meets certain criteria. What would happen if it didn’t? Additionally, there are people who have joined this project on their own terms. One woman is only going to use mirrors for work, one man has decided to take no selfies but still use a mirror occasionally, and one person is only interested in the monthly mailer that comes with the project. But most people are going all the way with the project, and I think that says something.” – Mona Mayhue 

Important Reminder 

THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! This project is not location or gender specific, everyone is invited. THIS is a FREE project, however love donations are always accepted to keep Mona’s work going (Paypal: onephoenixfire@yahoo.com). Please SHARE and INVITE everyone to join this FREE project!


Running Dates 

*Start August 1, 2015 – We end November 9, 2015*

Personally, I having fallen very much in love with myself from skin to soul and every reflection in between, I have been torn about my own participation in such a project. Consequently, I am extremely low maintainance while also understanding the limitations of “beauty.” I did ask Mona before writing this article to clarify some of her languaging that seems to imply that people do hate their reflections. Her response was an important aspect of this project to include and conclude upon: “I don’t want to imply that most people hate their reflection; I want to say that sometimes I have difficulty with the way I use mirrors and the way I feel about myself when I look at them, and this is what I am doing. I am fasting, and I am inviting others to join me.”

How do you feel about this mirror fast? If you’re inspired to join, please share with us why in the comments below – along with your last selfie for the next 100 days!

Featured Image: Screenshot of Norman Rockwell painting, “Girl at Mirror.”

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